About Effepierre: Made in Italy for Textile Industry
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About Us

Como and the Textile Industry



ffepierre SPA was founded in 1987 to meet customer demand for high-end fabrics for the world of Haute Couture and ready-to-wear. The company is part of Como’s industrial district that for centuries has played an important role in the textiles and clothing sector.


Most Italian companies operating in the silk industry are based in Como. These small and medium sized companies are each specialized in a specific stage of production. Their high level of know-how, maintained both in quality and technology, as well as their flexible work ethic, which guarantee short technical production times, have established Como as an international symbol of High Quality Textiles.



Effepierre: Quality Textiles


Through the years, commitment and passion have led our company to build an invaluable textile heritage and to position itself in the high-end luxury market.

The exclusive consulting service offered by Effepierre SPA ensures a collaborative working relationship with our customers, helping us to understand their requirements and provide them with comprehensive support for the creation of products, thanks to our competence and our technical and artistic expertise.

Effepierre SPA offers printed, plain and yarn-dyed fabrics manufactured with a wide range of natural and artificial fibres.


The company is constantly developing new ideas, pertaining to design and to techniques of weaving, colouring, printing as well as finishing processes: thanks to this continuous innovation, Effepierre SPA is able to provide its customers with products that are always innovative, modern, technologically advanced and capable of meeting the new challenges of the market and the latest quality standards.


Effepierre SPA plays an active role in the development of the textile sector, constantly striving to improve the quality of fabrics and the manufacturing stages, in compliance with ethical, social and environmental policies.

Effepierre SPA constantly invests in research and development and is a source of ideas and creativity for unique and inimitable high-end products.


Our company’s approach is like a woven thread, interlacing innovation and tradition.