FPR attention to quality of our textile products
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Quality has always been the primary goal of Effepierre SPA as well as an essential prerequisite for luxury fashion products.


The company aims to constantly improve the quality of both the production processes and the textiles, whilst paying the utmost attention to the welfare of the workforce, to environmental protection and to the proper social conduct.

Effepierre SPA oversees each stage of the production cycle, focusing on the traceability of the product, which is a necessary condition for the achievement of high quality. This also results in a continuous monitoring of the progress of production, thus ensuring the customer a constant feedback on the delivery time.


Seri.CO Textile Certification


Effepierre SPA is a Seri.CO certified brand and endeavours to meet each customer’s specific technical and quality requirement in compliance with the parameters defined by the trademark. The Seri.Co mark certifies the quality and the compliance with health and safety requirements of a fabric and of its manufacturing process. This means that our products are manufactured in full conformity with ethical, social and environmental policies.


The finished fabric is subjected to laboratory tests in order to verify its compliance with the parameters set out by current regulations (REACH, GB Test, Detox) as well as with the strictest requirements of the market. The quality of the finished fabric is carefully examined to determine its suitability regarding appearance, refinement and excellence. This means that every single metre of cloth is checked to verify that it meets the required standards.

As a result, work is highly optimized and the best possible results are achieved while minimizing waste and mistakes.


Effepierre textiles are manufactured with the aim of meeting the needs of its customers as well as of the end consumers, who love to choose quality garments created with the skill and the decades of experience that have always characterized “Made in Italy” products.

100 %

Quality Control

95 %

Environmental Protection

80 %