Effepierre Spa is a certified Seri.co italian textile brand
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Green FPR

Seri.co brand certification


Effepierre Spa is a certified Seri.co brand

Seri.co is a trademark that certifies the quality of a fabric and of its manufacturing process and the full compliance with health and safety requirements.

Seri.co guarantees that the fabric/product does not contain nor release substances that are harmful for the user’s health and that the product conforms therefore to the rules of the market that require fabrics to be totally safe for consumers to use.


Technical Card 24, which regulates health and safety within the textile industry, sets out the parameters that a company must comply with regarding chemical hazards.


Respect for the environment


Effepierre Spa has always been concerned about the respect for the environment and the safeguarding of the species that inhabit it. The company (together with all the companies that hold the Seri.Co trademark) is committed to reducing to a minimum all harmful substances both in the textile products and in the production chain’s industrial processes.


We have the greatest commitment towards sustainability, ecology and the environment. For this reason, Effepierre Spa works with some of the most important Italian and foreign laboratories in order to verify the standards of its products through extensive laboratory tests.